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June 2018 - BEER AWESOME

It’s petals to the metal for Crimson Pistil IPA

Crimson Pistil IPA
Ale brewed with Hibiscus Flowers
6.2% 52IBU

It starts with the bottle. Red, flowers, and some great art. The beer itself pours a great red color. Minimal head and a light floral
bouquet. I’ve had this before and really enjoy it so let’s pull the trigger on this offering from Troegs.

Hops – 6.6 at 52 IBU it’s not the most bitter but it is nicely bitter. Crisp but not overwhelming and without any unwanted flavors
lingering around after you’ve swallowed it.

Malts – 2.3 This is not one of those malt-balanced IPAs. It’s all about being crisp, floral, slightly bitter and just a little sweet.
There’s no malty backbone to it but that wouldn’t work well here anyway.

Carbonation – 7.0 It’s bubbly but that plays well with the light, aromatic flavors.

Character – 6.5 There’s some neat stuff going on but not a lot of it. Hibiscus with the slightly juicy, bitter and tropical hops.

Palate – 7.9 Everything here plays well together and it makes for a great clean, crisp, refreshing IPA. It’s like the rosé of IPAs if
you’re into that sort of thing, with most of the flavor stemming from the hibiscus and the great hops they’ve used in Crimson Pistil
(Azacca, Nugget, Vic Secret).

With summer here, you’re going to need something more substantial than your regular IPAs and Bud Light Limes to get you through the hot
months. I would recommend picking up some of the Crimson Pistil to not only quench your own thirst but to turn some friends on to a
slightly new flavor that’ll please most every IPA fan. And at 6.2% you won’t need to have a whole bundle of them to get where you’re